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Förutsägelser 2014

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Personal and Social Life in 2014:
You may not believe you have all the answers, but this year you’re going to have the right answers at the right time. If you go to others for advice, you may not be totally satisfied with what you’re hearing.
The Sun in your sign squares Saturn in Scorpio on February 11, while the Moon in Cancer opposes Venus in Capricorn. As a result, you’re going to feel as if your logic is flying in the face of what others call logic, and yet you’re still going to feel justified in your actions. You may have to be cautious in what you do early in the year, but you’re not going to be happy just bowing to the wishes of people around you, either.
As the year progresses you’re going to gain more encouragement for the more offbeat solutions you provide. Your friends may be amazed when advice you give (and they were skeptical about) works. Thus, if there’s something you want to do (within reason) that may not fall within conventional wisdom, don’t dismiss it.
With Saturn leaving secretive Scorpio and entering flighty Sagittarius on December 23, your elevated intuition could eventually pay off more than you expect.